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The Latest Generation Honda CR-V Appears in Cyberspace, Is Real??

Honda seems to be ready to present the sixth generation of the CR-V in late 2022 or early 2023. However, the possibility of a sport utility vehicle (SUV) from the manufacturer bearing the letter H, could make its debut in the future,

In Paultan, the 2023 Honda CR-V reflects the styling elements of the HR-V, whose patent was filed three months ago. The design is more assertive, with a more upright front end, streamlined headlights that extend beyond the hood cover line, a large hexagonal grille and an L-shaped front bumper corner.

The rear, L-shaped tail lights continue the design picture of the fifth generation, twin exhaust, with slightly larger holes.

The badge on the back of the car shows that the model will be equipped with turbo technology, with a 1.5 L VTEC engine capable of producing up to 193 Ps of power with a maximum torque of 243 Nm.

In addition, this model is also believed to come with a hybrid version, with E:HEV technology like Civic, with power up to 184 Ps and a maximum torque of 315 Nm with Accord Hybrid’s 2.0 litre Atkinson-cycle engine.

In addition, there is also a plug-in hybrid variant, which is the same as the E:PHEV from Honda CR-V, which has been sold in China since 2020.

Sales of Pt Honda Prospect Motor (HPM) continue to improve in 2022. During the first three months of this year the increase continued, even in April recorded a figure of 10,289 units.

Recorded, car sales in the fourth month of 2022, greater 8 percent compared to the previous month, which was only 9,554 units.

Honda Brio, all new Honda HR-V and all new Honda BR-V became the models that contributed the most to Honda’s sales in the last month.

Honda Brio achieved the highest sales with a total of 4,914 units, consisting of Honda Brio Satya of 3,628 units and Honda Brio RS of 1,286 units. The sales contributed as much as 48 percent of total HPM sales during April 2022.

In addition, the all new Honda HR-V, which was launched on March 23, 2022, contributed 18 percent of total HPM Sales with sales of 1,892 units in April 2022.

Other SUV models, the all new Honda BR-V also contributed 18 percent of total HPM Sales with a notch of 1,811 units

Other models that also contributed to Honda’s sales in April 2022 are the new Honda CR-V with a total of 775 units, the Honda City Hatchback RS with 435 units and the Honda Mobilio with 304 units.

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