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Honda launch Yamaha MT25 competitor

Honda will launch the Yamaha MT25 competitor on July 21, 2022. The Honda CB250R will receive an update by adopting the performance upside down suspension that has been adopted on the CB300R.

The growth of entry-level sport bikes out there seems to be still quite passionate. This is indicated by the large selection of beginner-class sports bikes and their various variants.

Different conditions in Indonesia because the market share of motor sport continues to erode the charm of scooter. Matic scooters continue to dominate the market making other models difficult to develop.

But despite the small market share, this type of motorcycle is still marketed. Fans are proven to still exist not only in the area but up to large urban areas.

Photo: Young Machine

Therefore, some manufacturers still give a touch every year to re-heat the competition.

Honda CB250R 2022 itself comes with the concept of neo sports cafe. The concept makes the vehicle look modern retro.

This means that although it looks retro in some components such as The Shape of the lamp and the body are quite simple. But still equipped with modern features, namely LED lights, upside down suspension, ABS brakes, to digital meter panels.

Such a concept was first paired with the Honda CB650R and continued on other CB series. Now Honda has a range of CB1000R, CB650R, CB125R to CB250R carries a similar style.

It is mentioned that the Neo Sports Cafe model is more suitable for being an everyday vehicle. Its unique shape is also attractive to potential consumers.

Although it has a great look, but unfortunately the Honda CB250R still carries a liquid-cooled 1-cylinder DOHC engine. The engine is said to have a similar base to The Rebel 250 and CRF250L and Rally.

Competition motor sport 250 cc in Indonesia identical 2-cylinder engine. Especially recently Kawasaki launched the 250 cc 4-cylinder sport.

Motor sport 250 cc 1 cylinder less can compete in the market of the country. Proven Kawasaki Ninja 250 SL continues to be given a discount.

Even PT Kawasaki Motor Indonesia (KMI) makes the price of the Kawasaki Ninja 250 SL cheaper than the 150 cc sport bike.

Then what if the Honda CB250R 2022 is marketed in the country, especially the price in Japan is around Rp61 million

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